Tell your Story

Everyone has a story to tell

In 2010 my grandmother turned 90. I suddenly realised how little I knew about her life. This was a lady who lived through an era of war and The Depression. Where did she grow up, how different was her life to mine now? For the next year I sat with her, asked her questions and put together “Nan’s Story”, a book containing photos and the story of her life. She passed away two years later.

I am forever grateful that I took that time with her. At her Wake I passed this book around and everyone was able to share in her story. I learnt so much about her life during this time I spent with her, not all the memories were happy, she did not do anything overly profound in her life but this was her story. In many ways the life she lived had a direct influence on the life I have now.

I now have a special legacy I can treasure and share with my grandchildren. They in turn can share her life with their grandchildren and so on. Her life will not be forgotten.

Aware of the impact this has had on me, I want to share this experience with you.

How much do you know about your parents’ lives, your grandparents’ lives?

What do your children know about your life?

Leave a legacy for future generations by telling your story or the story of a loved one. This story may not be sensational or even interesting to yourself but it will be interesting to your family and to future generations. Everyone has a unique story and everyone’s story is worth being told. Your story will be a mix of your written memories as well as relevant photographs and memorabilia.

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