Hi there, my name is Elizabeth. I live in Sydney Australia with my husband and two beautiful daughters. I have always been interested in photos, not so much taking photos but in the stories behind the photos. Since 2000 I have been teaching people how to organise their photos and then present them in albums or digital books that chronologically display their photos but also tell a story about the subject of the photos.

Life Stories extend beyond photos and gives a more comprehensive insight into someone’s life story. Everyone’s story should be told for the benefit of future generations. In 2010 my grandmother turned 90. I realised how little I knew about her life. With her permission I interviewed her and wrote Nan’s Story, a book containing photos and the story of her life. She passed away 2 years later. I am so grateful I took the time with her. We now have a cherished book I can share with my children and grandchildren. In turn they can share this book with their grandchildren. Her life will not be forgotten.¬†Aware of the impact this has had on me, I want to share this experience with you.